Containers can be used as storage rooms, offices, villas, guest houses and more. They are gaining more and more popularity because of their easy and quick assembly (construction), their facilitated placement procedure – to place such a structure with standard dimensions of 6×2.40 m or 7×3 m you only need a permit for the placement of a movable object from the relevant municipality, which takes between 1 and 30 days (worst case scenario), as well as because of its affordable price – (for example, you can build a whole home with dimensions of 6×4.80 m, with a bathroom and toilet for less than 20 000 BGN).

Containers are built from metal structures that form the frame of the container. The walls and ceiling are made of sandwich panels with different filling – polyurethane (PU) or styrofoam (EPS).

The floor is made of a metal grid on which concrete panels (fibre cement or BETOPAN) are stacked, on which linoleum is laid.

The structure is built in a way that is suitable for moving. The standard container models are 6×2,40 m and 7×3 m. They are equipped with two windows, an entrance door and electrical installation (push button, 2 sockets and a switch).

Our company offers metal structures for the containers of different classes – MINI, EKO and MAX. The differences are in the thickness of the profile as well as in the galvanization and paint.

Why choose our containers?

1. Quick installation (montage)
The containers are built in a short time. When the project is basic (without special features), the container is built in about 1 day. When the project involves more features, e.g. more rooms, bathroom, toilet, etc., the installation takes between 2-5 days.

2. Durability
Containers are constructed from materials (mainly iron) which in practice makes them durable. They are solid enough to withstand harsh conditions such as rain, wind, snow, hail.

3. Easy to maintain
Every part of the container can be easily replaced. As the walls and roof are made up of thermal panels, each 100 cm wide, in the event of a breakdown the panel can be removed very easily, then replaced with a new one.

4. Administrative convenience
The containers are movable objects. As such, they fall under the facilitated placement regime. In order to place a container, all that is required is a placement permit (“разрешително за поставяне на преместваем обект” – in Bulgarian), which is issued by the municipality in which the container is placed. On the one hand, the procedure is facilitated purely in terms of documentation – only a sketch/plan and a title deed are needed and, on the other hand, in terms of time – the placement permit is issued in a short period – even the slowest municipal official would not be delayed for more than 25-30 working days.

5. Price
Price is not always the determining factor. However, when it comes to building an office, a warehouse, or perhaps a cottage or home, and the difference between brick and panel is in the tens (or hundreds) of percentages, then price becomes a pretty big factor in the choice.

A container with standard dimensions (6×2,40 or 7×3 m) is priced between 6 and 9 thousand BGN including VAT. Hardly anyone would build a building of similar dimensions for less than 25 thousand BGN, which is at least a difference of 4 (four!) times.

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