Fence panels and posts

The fence panels are a combination of multiple wires that are vertically laid side by side (44 pcs. from left to right, through 5 cm) with a thickness of 4 mm, which are galvanized, and then powder coated. For greater strength, 2 pcs of wires are placed horizontally, which are folded over, in 2, 3 or 4 places, depending on the height. The standard width is 250 cm.

Available heights are 75, 100, 120, 150, 170 and 200 cm. The main colours available are:

  • green (RAL 6005) and;
  • anthracite (RAL 7016).
  • They can be made in other colours on request.

The openings (“the eye”) of the panels have the following dimensions: 5×15 cm.

The panels are mounted on stakes (posts) and the connection between them is by means of a bracket (or holder). The stakes are 5×5 cm.

The main types of stakes are: with a plate and without (for driving into the ground). The peg that has a plate is “stepped” on concrete or other strong, solid and thick (at least 30 cm) surface, then fixed by anchor bolts (4 per 1 peg). The other option is to drive the peg into the soil (about 50 cm into the ground), then to green it with cement.

The main use of fence panels is fencing various sites – both your home and large construction sites that temporarily need fencing.

Fence panels are widespread both because of their ease of installation and transport, and their affordable price.

Why choose our fencing?

  1. High quality
    Our fences are manufactured in factories possessing the best technology. Our many years of experience in the product trade has made us even more demanding of even the smallest details. Thanks to our partnerships with a number of companies, we are able to choose from the best manufacturers to offer the best possible quality at a very good price.
  2. Fast and advantageous delivery
    Our partnerships with various transport companies allow us to deliver the fence in short periods, to anywhere in the country, at a preferential price.
  3. Good price
    Thanks to our team of professionals, our good logistics and the high sales turnover generated, we are able to obtain the best possible purchase price, which, in turn, allows us to deliver the fence panels to the end customer at the best possible price.


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