Wood pellets

The pellets offered by us are produced from the waste of the furniture and wood industry, in plants that have implemented the highest technology in their work processes. The pellets are cleaned from bark and are of the best quality.

Ash separation is reduced to less than 0.7% and the moisture content of the pellets is less than 8%.

The coefficient of performance (COP) of heating systems using pellets increases by over 90% compared to other fuels.

As is clear, the main advantage of pellets is the high combustion efficiency and low levels of carbon dioxide release into nature. They emit many times less ash and soot than other solid fuels.

The main types our company works with are pine, beech and mixed pellets.

Why choose the pellets offered by us?

  1. High quality
    The pellets are produced in plants having the best production technology. Control is carried out during the production of each individual batch, ensuring that the quality remains unchanged throughout the process.
  2. Delivery to your site or home
    Pellets can be delivered directly to an address you specify, throughout the country (and the European Union). The partnerships we have established with various transport companies allow us to transport the pellets from point A to point B at extremely competitive prices, which greatly facilitates the end user.
  3. Good price
    Price is not irrelevant when it comes to heating. We ensure that we offer the best possible quality at the best possible price.

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