Wall sandwich panels with PU

Wall thermopanels with installation.
We have stocks of 30, 40, 50 mm.
Thermal panels of 30 mm are sized from 13,50 – meter sheets.
The 40 and 50 mm thermopanels are sized in 15 metre sheets.
The customer can choose whether to keep the fitting or to keep it with us, in the latter case the price per m2 is increased by 1,20 BGN incl. VAT/m2. One cut is priced at BGN 4 incl. VAT.
Thermopanels can be made to order in any other RAL colour, the minimum quantity for a factory order is 300 m2.

Вид продуктДебелинаЦвятЦена с ДДС/м2
Стенен термопанел30 ммбял (RAL 9002)N/E
Стенен термопанел40 ммбял (RAL 9002)37,45 лв.
Стенен термопанел40 ммсив (RAL 9006)37,75 лв.
Стенен термопанел50 ммбял (RAL 9002)40,35 лв.
Стенен термопанел50 ммсив (RAL 9006)41,58 лв.
Сандвич панел10 ммбял (RAL 9002)22,00 лв.
Сандвич панел10 ммчервен (RAL 3009)24,00 лв.
Сандвич панел10 ммсив (RAL 9006)24,00 лв.
Сандвич панел15 ммбял (RAL 9002)N/E
Сандвич панел15 ммчервен (RAL 3009)N/E

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