Fence net with decoration

It is a double galvanized, twisted wire with a thickness (diameter) of 1.6 mm, shape: square 50/50 mm, with woven polyester fibers with high UV protection. 

Colour: available green (RAL 6005). Other colours on request. 

Transparency: 5 %.
Used for fences and wall decorations. 

Available in rolls lengths of 10 metres.

Available in heights: 75 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm.

Височина в смТоп (руло) - дължина в л.мЦена с ДДС на м2Цена с ДДС за 1 бр. топ
1001020,00 лв.200,00 лв.
1201020,00 лв.240,00 лв.
1501020,00 лв.300,00 лв.
1701020,00 лв.340,00 лв.
2001020,00 лв.400,00 лв.

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